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DIY HVAC Ornaments for Your Technician

13 Dec
DIY HVAC Ornaments for Your Technician

What do you get for the HVAC technician who has everything? They fix your heating and cooling system, so your house is comfortable no matter the weather. They inspect it to ensure it’s working at peak efficiency. They’ll even give you tips to save money and energy when bills are at their highest. They do so much for you, you really should get them a gift this holiday season. How about some HVAC ornaments for the tree? Here are a few examples.

Dryer vent snowman.

The flexible, tubular piece of plastic can be molded into all sorts of different shapes. Get a small length of it, and cinch it up to form three round spheres. Spray paint it white, and add a hat, a scarf, a carrot nose, or even a corncob pipe. If you prefer something a little simpler, you can also join the two ends of the vent together to form a circle, paint it green, and turn it into a Christmas wreath.

HVAC filter snow scene.

Long, flat, and white, an air filter is the perfect base to create a winter wonderland. Glue on a few figures throwing snowballs, some winter flora, and a few other details, and you’ve got a snow scene your HVAC technician (or any other loved one) can put under their tree.

Galileo thermometer.

If crafts aren’t your thing, there are plenty of HVAC ornaments you can simply buy. Galileo thermometers are colorful, useful, and come in ornament form to be hung on the tree. Dating back to the 17th century, these tubes of clear liquid are filled with brightly colored balls, which rise and fall to indicate the temperature. It’s a great decoration for any home, during the holidays or year round.

There are plenty of other HVAC-themed ornament options as well, both to buy and to make. Look around and see what kind of gift will suit your technician and say, “Thank you keeping my home comfortable.”

For more ideas on materials for HVAC ornaments and other heating and cooling issues, contact us at Aggressive Mechanical. We proudly serve Monmouth County’s HVAC needs.

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