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Is A Heat Recovery Ventilator Right For My Home?

07 Dec
Is A Heat Recovery Ventilator Right For My Home?

If you’re concerned about saving energy around your Monmouth County home, you’re probably taken smart steps to weatherize the exterior to stop wasteful air leakage. If your home lacks adequate ventilation, though, your indoor air quality can suffer, especially when your home is closed up in the winter and you have the heating system running. An effective way to achieve balanced air exchange and improve your indoor air quality is installing either an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) or heat recovery ventilator (HRV).

While it’s best to get your HVAC pro’s advice about the ideal system for your home, it’s good to learn more about these two similar types of mechanical ventilation systems.

ERV and HRV Basics

Both ERV and HRV systems have supply and exhaust ductwork equipped with multi-speed fans, as well as a heat exchanger unit. The system can be installed in the attic, garage, or basement in a spot where it’s easy to access for periodic maintenance. Both types of systems function similarly to provide effective air exchange:

  • The fan on the exhaust duct draws stale air from inside the home and pushes it outdoors.
  • The supply-side fan pulls in fresh outdoor air and sends it through the ductwork to different areas of the home.
  • The two air streams don’t intermingle, but are routed through the heat exchanger Here, up to 80 percent of the air’s heat energy gets transferred between the two streams by conduction.
  • During the winter, an ERV or HRV can keep your home supplied with fresh air while limiting energy waste by “preheating” the incoming cold outdoor air.
  • In the summer, the systems operate in reverse by pulling heat from warm outdoor air that’s drawn in, and transferring it to the stale air that’s sent outdoors, so they won’t increase your home’s cooling load.
  • ERV units can also transfer airborne moisture between the incoming and outgoing air streams, so they can help control humidity.

To learn whether an energy recovery or heat recovery ventilator is a good option to improve air exchange in your Monmouth County home, contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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