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HVAC Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

31 Dec
HVAC Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

The arrival of a new year is the traditional time to make resolutions to improve your daily life in various ways. When you’re deciding what changes you want to make in the coming year, be sure to adopt these HVAC resolutions, and you’ll have a more comfortable, healthier home and save money on energy.

Aim to Improve Your Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency tells us that air pollutant levels in a home can be up to five times worse than what’s outside the door. Getting your ducts cleaned and adding an air purifier to the HVAC system can limit your exposure to hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), unhealthy bacteria and viruses, and allergens like mold, pet dander and pollen.

Take Care of Your Duct System

If you have damaged, leaky or uninsulated ductwork, you may be wasting up to 20 percent of your HVAC’s heating and cooling output. Getting the duct system inspected, repaired if needed, then sealed and insulated can improve your heating and cooling efficiency. When the ductwork is well cared for, you’ll see a reduction in your energy bills, and find that your home stays more comfortable.

Make Preventive Care a Priority

Regular preventive HVAC care plays a vital role in your system’s energy efficiency, lifespan and reliability. To protect your equipment and your family’s comfort, make one of your hvac resolutions to schedule cooling equipment maintenance in the spring, and heating equipment maintenance in the fall. For peace of mind that you won’t neglect necessary care, sign up for planned maintenance with a reputable local HVAC contractor.

Maintain Good Airflow

Unrestricted airflow is essential for the efficient, reliable operation of your home’s HVAC system, and it ensures there’s ample heated or cooled air delivered to each room. You can maintain good airflow by checking the system’s filter monthly, and replacing it at least every three months. Keep your register louvers open, too, and make sure your return vents are always unobstructed. During cooling season, regularly clear away yard debris from around your outdoor unit.

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