4 Ways to Celebrate Air Quality Awareness Week

4 Ways to Celebrate Air Quality Awareness Week

The government agencies in charge of environmental and human health are sponsoring Air Quality Awareness Week at the end of April into the first week of May. Since air quality affects your health, it’s a good time to take time to make it a part of your home life.

Over the past few years, the air quality in Monmouth County has deteriorated because of warmer temperatures that increase the production of ozone, a major respiratory irritant. Indoors, you may have your own collection of air quality issues like dust, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and allergens.

To acknowledge the week, why not put these four activities on your schedule to improve air quality and your family’s awareness of it:

Change the air filter.

During the summer and winter, the air filter takes a lot of airborne particulates out of the air that improves its quality. Air in the typical home might have pollen, dust mite waste, pet dander and mold spores in it, each of which is allergy and asthma triggers.

Make a commitment to check the air filter every month during the cooling season and change it when it’s dirty to maintain good air quality.

Upgrade your filter.

If you’re using fiberglass filters exclusively, upgrade to a more expensive pleated filter. It will trap smaller particles and anyone with a respiratory condition will breathe easier.

Manage humidity.

Keeping the humidity between 30 and 50 percent is imperative for your health and that of your home, which is easy with a hygrometer. You can find them in home improvement centers, big box stores and online. Make it a token to remind you about Air Quality Awareness Week and its importance throughout the year.

Learn about home ventilation options.

If you live in a newer, energy efficient home, you might need more ventilation to dilute the air when your home is tightly closed. A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) provides fresh air without driving up your energy costs significantly.

The experts at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors can help you celebrate Air Quality Awareness Week by showing you the best air filter for your system, humidity management and good ventilation. We provide HVAC services for Monmouth County homeowners.

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