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A/C Blowing Hot Air? Check Out These Common Causes

16 Jun
A/C Blowing Hot Air? Check Out These Common Causes

What’s worse than a sweltering summer heat wave and discovering your A/C is blowing hot air? When the air conditioner doesn’t put out coolness to keep the home comfortable, the system has failed at its most basic function. While an easy DIY fix may resolve the no-brainers, diagnosis by an HVAC professional will likely be needed to troubleshoot the heavy duty stuff.

It’s Too Hot

An outdoor temperature of about 95 degrees is the design limit most A/C units are engineered to accommodate. As temperatures exceed that level, system cooling performance declines. Not much can be done about this, but turn on ceiling fans or other ventilation to keep indoor air moving and boost the cooling factor.

Improper Thermostat Setting

It may seem obvious, but it happens all the time. If your thermostat function switch is set to “Fan Only” or —even worse—to “Heat,” you won’t get cool air from your system. Check the thermostat function first, then verify the desired temperature setting is correct, too.

Clogged Air Filter

This is another DIY opportunity. Check the system air filter. If it’s very dirty, replace it. Low airflow resulting from a clogged filter may prevent cool air from dispersing throughout the ductwork system.

Refrigerant Loss

Refrigerant circulating through the coils is what moves indoor heat outdoors. When there’s not enough of it, cooling declines drastically. Low refrigerant always indicates a leak somewhere in the system and requires a professional HVAC service tech to trace the leak, repair it and restore refrigerant to the correct level.

Major System Failure

A defective compressor, the most expensive single A/C component, terminates heat transfer. A qualified HVAC contractor can determine the compressor status and advise you on the right decision to replace the component or upgrade to a new unit entirely.

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