AC Repair Cost Guide

AC Repair Cost Guide

Unfortunately, your air conditioner can malfunction in the summer, making you panic over the anticipated repair costs. And to make things worse, you’ll only know the exact price for the repairs needed after a contractor has inspected your system and found the root of the problem. Here’s a look at the average AC repair costs.

Service Fee

Most HVAC contractors will charge you a service fee of $50 to $100. It covers the diagnostics and time taken to inspect your air conditioner. In case you need emergency repairs on a holiday or after business hours, this repair cost may even double. That’s because emergencies require contractors to put themselves in many unplanned for situations such as sudden schedule changes and road trips.

Common Repair Costs

Once an HVAC technician assesses your system, he or she will give you a cost estimate. A/C repair costs vary widely depending on the equipment and effort needed to make the repair.

For instance, the higher the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of a filter upgrade, the more expensive it will be. For example, we only charge $50 for a MERV 11 filter upgrade and $165 for the more effective MERV 16 filter. And if it’s your condensing coil unit that requires replacement, expect to pay your contractor anywhere between $1900 and $2900.

Here are other average A/C repair costs:

  • Replacement of drip pan — $250 to $575
  • Recharging refrigerant — $250 to $750
  • Refrigerant leak — $200 to $1500
  • Condenser fan motor — $450 to $750
  • Compressor replacement — $2900
  • Condensate drain line replacement — $20
  • Flushing the drain line — $75 to $250

Reducing Repair Costs

Unexpected A/C repairs can throw your finances off balance. HVAC companies understand this, and that’s why they usually provide special offers and service plans to help make repairs affordable.

For instance, we offer rebate options and service contracts to help our customers afford repairs. Our air conditioning service contract only costs $165 but includes preventive maintenance that significantly reduces the need for repairs. Should you need repairs, you’ll enjoy a 10 percent discount on parts and priority service during the regular working hours.

Remember, delaying repairs to avoid AC repair costs could lead to premature system failure. Contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors if you need affordable A/C repair or maintenance in Monmouth County and the surrounding areas.

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