Is Your A/C Acting Up? Here Are Some Essential Troubleshooting Tips

Is Your A/C Acting Up? Here Are Some Essential Troubleshooting Tips

When your A/C acts up, your home can quickly become hot and uncomfortable. Trying these A/C troubleshooting tips for different issues can help you get the problem solved or let you know it’s time to call your HVAC pro.

Manual Thermostat Short-Cycling

Does your A/C cycle on with a blast of chilly air but shut off before your home feels cools enough? If so, try lengthening the cooling cycle by adjusting your thermostat’s heat anticipator. Remove your thermostat cover and move the anticipator lever one calibration mark. If there’s no noticeable improvement after a few tries, consider having a programmable thermostat installed.

Start-Up Problems

If your A/C was working fine but suddenly won’t cycle on, check your electrical panel and air handler blower compartment for a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Another issue that can leave an A/C unresponsive on a hot, humid day is a tripped pressure limit switch on the outdoor compressor, so open the access panel and reset the switch. If your A/C still won’t start, it’s time to get a professional diagnosis.

Condensate Line Issues

When your A/C stops working suddenly although the thermostat is fully functional and there are no power issues, check your condensate drain line. If you see water pooled in the drain pan, the safety switch may have tripped to prevent flooding. Flush out the condensate line to remove any dirt and try resetting the switch. If that doesn’t solve the problem, your condensate pump has likely failed, so call for help

Airflow Restrictions

Restricted airflow can cause numerous issues including high operating costs, ineffective cooling and even poor air quality. To maintain adequate system airflow, clean your registers regularly and make sure they’re not closed or covered up. Checking your air filter monthly and keeping tall grass and yard debris cleared away from the outdoor unit can also help. If you experience a sudden, unexpected drop in airflow from your registers, have your HVAC contractor investigate why.

If these A/C troubleshooting tips don’t solve the problem and you need expert HVAC help in Monmouth County, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

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