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What is Air Balancing and Why is it Important?

21 Dec
What is Air Balancing and Why is it Important?

If your HVAC system’s efficiency is on a decline, you might fear there’s a serious problem with your equipment. After it’s looked into by your HVAC pro, you may be pleased to learn that it’s due to unbalanced system airflow. Air balancing the HVAC system can often restore its efficiency, and resolve other related issues like high energy bills, unnecessary wear on key components, and temperature inconsistencies.

Air Balancing Basics

For balanced airflow through your HVAC system, the ductwork that distributes conditioned air and brings air back for reheating or cooling has to be in good condition. The ductwork system has to be designed properly too, with correctly-sized ducts and the right number of both supply and return registers.

If your HVAC pro suspects that unbalanced airflow is the cause of a drop in your system’s efficiency, they’ll first do an ductwork assessment to identify deficiencies like crushed/disconnected sections, and leaks where air loss is occurring. Then, they’ll perform diagnostic testing with specialized equipment. This will likely include:

  • Gathering static pressure readings on both the supply and return sides of the system with a manometer.
  • Measuring the output of conditioned air from the supply registers with a flow hood.
  • Checking temperature, humidity and heat gains and losses using a hygrometer.

Putting Airflow Back in Balance

When the assessment and tests are completed, your technician will enter all the gleaned data into a specialized computer program that analyzes your system’s airflow. If it’s out of balance, the program will provide recommendations on how to restore it, such as:

  • Fixing ductwork damage and/or defects, then sealing/insulating the accessible ducting.
  • Adjusting the system’s blower fan speed.
  • Adding dampers in the ducts, or re-positioning existing ones.
  • Changing the setting on an added air cleaner/filtration unit.
  • Installing extra return ducts if necessary.

After the advised changes are made, your technician will do follow up testing to check that the flow of air through your HVAC system is back in balance.

To learn more reasons why HVAC air balancing is important, and whether it’s needed in your Monmouth County home, contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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