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What Is Air Balancing and How Does It Affect Your Home?

02 Jul
What Is Air Balancing and How Does It Affect Your Home?

In contrast to the heating and cooling systems that get all the glory or all the blame, the ductwork system doesn’t get the respect it deserves for its role in home comfort and efficiency. Uneven temperatures from room to room or floor to floor aren’t the fault of the furnace or A/C. The air ducts are solely responsible for delivering balanced airflow to each room. If uneven temperatures and high energy bills are too common in your Monmouth County home, read on to learn what air balancing is and how it can help.

Air Balancing

In a well-designed HVAC system, airflow will be in balance through the supply vents, living spaces and return ducts. This requires an accurate load calculation based on industry-standard best practices developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).

Additionally, the air ducts must be sized to each individual room based on several load calculation factors, including heat gain and loss. Relying on erroneous rule-of-thumb load measurements that merely go by square footage won’t be correct and will result in unbalanced airflow, high energy bills and an uncomfortable home.

Your HVAC technician will use sophisticated equipment to help assess airflow through the HVAC system and home as follows:

  • Heat gain, loss and moisture: A hygrometer is used to measure heat gain, heat loss and humidity at each supply register. Discrepancies at distant registers suggest a problem to be addressed.
  • Supply airflow: A manometer is used to measure air pressure at all supply registers.
  • Return air: A flow hood test measures air pressure at all return grilles.
  • Conclusion: A software program crunches the data to provide a detailed and accurate assessment report of the condition of your home’s HVAC system and airflow balance.

Balancing Airflow, Comfort and Efficiency

A professional duct evaluation and heat gain and loss calculation of your home can identify where air balancing problems exist. The solution may be as simple as sealing duct leaks or installing duct dampers at branch offs. If you balance airflow, you help balance comfort and the energy budget.

To learn more about air balancing or to schedule an assessment, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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