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Air Conditioner Sounds: 5 Noises You Never Want to Hear

02 Jun
Air Conditioner Sounds: 5 Noises You Never Want to Hear

Although unusual air conditioner sounds can be pretty unsettling, they don’t all mean your system is about to fail. If you don’t want your air conditioner to break down in the middle of a humid Monmouth County summer, though, never ignore strange noises.


Loud squeals or screeches coming from your indoor air handler means something’s wrong with the blower fan or motor. Most often, it’s a loose or worn fan belt, which should be replaced before it snaps. With an older system that doesn’t have a sealed motor, the noise could mean the motor needs lubrication. If you’re not experienced working with A/C blower motors, call an air conditioning technician to do these jobs.

Rattling, Thumping and Banging

When coming from the air handler, these air conditioner sounds usually mean a component is loose. For example, normal vibrations can work the motor mount loose or the shift the fan out of alignment. Shut down the system and call a technician or the component could come off completely and break.

Whacking or Thwapping

Rapid whacking noises from the air handler suggest something is stuck in or close to the blower fan blades and is being hit as the blades spin. This interferes with the motor’s operation, reducing its energy efficiency and causing wear that could lead to its early failure.

Noises From the Outdoor Unit

Rattling noises usually mean a component is loose, but they could also mean the motor is going out. If the motor produces a loud hum and then trips the circuit breaker, a bad startup capacitor is probably to blame. However, there’s a chance the motor itself is failing. A squeal or screaming noise indicates a problem with the compressor.

Constant Clicking

Clicking when the system cycles on or off is normal, but the sound shouldn’t continue much longer. Whether it comes from the thermostat or outdoor unit, clicking that occurs while the system is running suggests a bad rely switch.

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