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Air Source vs. Ground Source Heat Pumps

21 Feb
Air Source vs. Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide efficient cooling for New Jersey homes in the summer. What’s more, they can also heat homes efficiently in the winter.

The primary residential heat pump types are ground source and air source. A ground source system transfers heat into and out of your home and the ground. On the other hand, an air source system transfers heat to and from your house and the outside air.

Here’s how to determine which system is best for your home:

Installation Differences

Air source heat pumps are as easy to install as regular heating and cooling systems. There are no special requirements that your home has to meet for it to qualify for an air source installation. In contrast, ground source systems require a large enough ground space and excavation of the land for them to be installed. After installation, you’ll need to redo your landscape.


Because they move warm air rather than creating heat using fuel energy, both ground source and air source heat pumps consume less energy than conventional HVAC systems. However, because the earth usually remains at relatively consistent temperatures when compared to outdoor air, ground source systems are more energy efficient than air source systems.


The costs of buying and installing air source heat pumps are similar to those of air conditioners. Ground source systems can be as much as six times more expensive upfront due to their complex installation requirements. However, due to their exceptional efficiency, they offer a better return on investment. Over time, you’ll recoup the extra costs as energy savings.

An air source heat pump is a good option if affordability is your priority and space is limited. A ground source heat pump is your best bet if you have enough ground space, you’re looking for the highest efficiency system, and have a budget to match your goal.

If you still can’t choose between the two heat pumps and need further guidance, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. We offer professional advice and outstanding heating and cooling services to homeowners in Monmouth County and the surrounding area.

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