All You Need to Know About Your Ventless Fireplace

All You Need to Know About Your Ventless Fireplace

When adding a traditional fireplace to a home isn’t feasible, a ventless fireplace is a possibility. Alterations to a house required to install a traditional wood-burning fireplace — or even a conventional gas-fired fireplace — are labor-intensive and very costly. Ventless units can fill the need for a cozy fireplace when other options aren’t viable.

Ventless technology utilizes an integrated regulator that mixes air and gas very precisely to produce clean combustion that emits very low levels of byproducts. No chimney or vent is required to intake outdoor air nor exhaust fumes.

Here are some factors to consider about when thinking about installing a ventless fireplace:


  • Because a ventless unit doesn’t require a chimney or venting, it can be located in any room in the house.
  • The ventless gas burner is designed to produce flames that create the aura of a classic wood-burning fire.
  • Because all generated heat goes into the room — not up a chimney or vent — ventless units are very energy-efficient.
  • Ventless fireplaces are tested and must meet federal safety standards.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Byproducts produced by ventless combustion, including carbon monoxide gas, are very low. However, fumes are not totally eliminated and could be hazardous in the event of a malfunction. Ventless fireplaces are therefore required to be factory-equipped with carbon monoxide detectors and oxygen -detection devices that automatically shut down the unit if emissions exceed safe levels. Most experts also recommend an additional, separate hard-wired carbon monoxide detector in the room for added protection.
  • Another byproduct of unvented gas combustion is the release of water vapor. This may make the home feel more humid and could increase the potential for mold growth.
  • Certain states and individual municipalities may impose special restrictions and conditions on ventless units. Check local codes in your area.
  • Installation can only be performed by a certified gas contractor or a licensed plumber.

For more facts about the pros and cons of a ventless fireplace, contact Aggressive Mechanical.

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