Are the Pipes in Your House Too Old? How Can You Go About Replacing Them?

Are the Pipes in Your House Too Old? How Can You Go About Replacing Them?

From the bathroom and kitchen faucets to the laundry, toilets, and the drains, your pipes are almost always being used. All piping materials deteriorate over time. If your house is more than 20 years old, the plumbing is likely to be reaching the end of its life expectancy, so replacing the pipes may be a necessity.

However, plumbing problems such as leaks and corrosion can occur regardless of how old your home is. They can go unnoticed for a long period and end up costing you significantly if they’re not addressed. It’s best to be proactive and discover worn-out pipes early.

Pipes often break down in obscure areas; hence, most homeowners are usually unaware that they have a plumbing problem. Be on the lookout for the following signs of worn-out pipes:

  • Stains on the walls or ceiling. If brown spots appear on a ceiling or wall, or you spot paint bubbling or peeling off, you may have a leak in your plumbing system or roof.
  • Discolored water. If your water has a yellowish tint or a brown hue, rusty pipes are likely the culprit. Extensively corroded copper pipes can cause a green tint.
  • Dripping faucet. If you turn the shower or faucet off, does water still drip more than 10 minutes later? The persistent leaking is likely a sign of a plumbing problem.
  • Mold growth. You may notice mold growing on ceilings, walls, or floors. You may also detect a musty odor. If the problem persists after you’ve cleaned the affected area, you probably have a faulty pipe that’s leaking water.
  • Moisture under the kitchen sink. If you check the pipes under the sink and see discoloration, particularly around a union, that’s a strong indication of the presence of moisture. This is likely due to a water leak.
  • High water bills. If there’s a steady increase in your water bills, that could point to something being wrong with your plumbing system.

In any of the situations above, you should seek assistance from a professional. Identifying worn-out pipes early helps reduce the destructive effects of water, conserves natural resources, and saves you money. Contact the certified, insured, and highly trained plumbers at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors for assistance with inspecting, repairing, and replacing pipes in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

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