What Does the Arrow on a Furnace Filter Mean

What Does the Arrow on a Furnace Filter Mean

Because adequate airflow is one of the most important factors in heating performance and efficiency, a clean and properly-installed furnace filter is critical. The air filter located where the return duct connects to the furnace removes particulates from the air to safeguard air quality and also ensures that vital heating components are protected from damage. A dirty filter, on the other hand, strangles system airflow, makes the heating process less effective and increases monthly operating costs.

Ideally, replacement of the furnace filter should be done every month throughout the heating season. If you don’t already know how, it’s a good idea to have a qualified HVAC technician show you exactly where the filter is and the proper procedure to change it if you plan to do it yourself. Basically, the sequence goes like this:

  • Locate the filter mounting slot in the furnace return duct.
  • Slide the existing filter out of its slot.
  • Wipe away any accumulated dust in the filter mounting frame with a rag.
  • Slide the new filter in, making sure the printed directional arrows are pointing the correct way.

That last step requires explanation. You’ll probably notice that the replacement filter has arrows printed on the edge, all pointing one certain direction. They are there for an important reason. For proper filter function, one side of the filter media must face in the same direction as the system airflow. For correct orientation when installing the new filter, make sure the arrows on the edge of the filter point toward the furnace unit, not backwards toward the return duct.

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