Attic Safety in Hot Months

Attic Safety in Hot Months

Working in your home’s attic can always be a little questionable in terms of safety, but it’s especially dangerous during the hot months of the year. We want you to remain safe at all times, so we’ve compiled a few attic safety tips to help you get the job done:

Work Early in the Morning

Everyone knows that temperatures go up as the day goes on, which means the later it gets, the more dangerous it is to work in your attic. This is why it’s always best to do any work early in the morning when temperatures are at their lowest. If you’re hiring a qualified technician to work in the attic, you should schedule his or her work early, too.

Wear the Right Clothes

While working in the attic, it’s important that you’re wearing the right type of clothes. This should include sturdy shoes or work boots, pants, long-sleeved shirt, gloves, safety helmet, and protective eyewear. These things will help prevent injury as you get your tasks completed.

Drink Plenty of Water

Even if you’re not planning to be in the attic for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to always have water handy. This is especially true if you can’t complete your work in the morning and are forced to work later in the day when the temperature is higher.

Watch Where You Step

The most dangerous thing about working in the attic, regardless of the time of day, is the possibility of falling and injuring yourself. Only step on secure joists and rafters as you move around, and be especially careful around insulation since there might not be solid footing beneath it. For optimal protection, you may want to invest in a Personal Fall Arrest System, which tethers you to an anchor and keeps you from falling.

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