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Safety Tips for When You’re Working In the Attic

12 May
Safety Tips for When You're Working In the Attic

Working in your home’s attic can be hazardous, especially during the warmer months when rising heat can send temperatures soaring in this unconditioned area. In addition to the risk of overheating, there are other dangers lurking there as well, including tripping and falling, head injuries, electrical shocks and exposure to insulation. You can make this dangerous area of your home safer with these tips:

Create a Designated Walking Path

A walking path can allow you to safely reach equipment or stored items that need to be accessed periodically. First, remove any obvious hazards that might cause you to trip or fall. Then, place two or three 1x4s side-by-side to create a pathway wide enough for walking. To keep the boards from slipping, make sure both ends are sitting on a framing member and secure them to keep them in place.

Reduce the Likelihood of Electrical Shocks

Take a thorough look around your attic to identify any possible electrical hazards, like older extension cords that you should replace, wiring that’s frayed or may have been gnawed on by mice, open electrical boxes, or wiring that’s placed under insulation. If you discover any concerning issues, get them repaired promptly by a licensed electrician.

Add Extra Lighting to Brighten the Space

Most unfinished attics have just one or two fixtures that don’t shed enough light to create a safe work environment. To brighten up the walkways, around equipment and storage areas sufficiently, have an electrician add extra fixtures, and/or leave a portable LED light and unplugged extension cord near the attic hatch so you have ample task lighting when it’s needed.

Perform Necessary Work Early in the Day

Tackle any attic chores and schedule equipment maintenance appointments early in the morning, then make sure the work is completed by noon while the space is still cool enough to limit any danger of overheating. If you plan to be up there any length of time, wear a mask, goggles and head protection for your personal safety.

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