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Attic Safety: Things to Know

24 May
Attic Safety: Things to Know

As a homeowner, you may find yourself needing to get up in your attic from time to time. You may also have HVAC technicians who need to get into your attic to work on your HVAC equipment. No matter who is climbing the access ladder, attic safety is an important concern. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe.

Most attics are awkward to get into. You generally have to climb a ladder to get into or out of your attic, and that creates a perfect opportunity for accidents. Try to minimize the number of trips up and down the ladder by organizing your supplies ahead of time. If you have more supplies than you can easily carry in your pockets or on your toolbelt, put them in a bucket and lift it into the attic with a rope.

Once you’re up in the attic, use a flashlight to ensure that you have adequate light. Unless your attic has flooring, you’ll need to be able to see to watch where you step so you don’t miss a joist and crash through the ceiling.

Another way to prevent falling as you walk around your attic is to lay down planking across the joists. This gives you a firm footpath as you cross the attic. If you’re working in one particular location, laying down a few boards to stand on in that area can increase your attic safety and make your work easier.

In the warmer months, heat is another serious safety issue in attics. Heat rises into your attic and gets trapped under your roof. The temperatures in your attic are usually higher than both the temperatures in the main living space in your home and the outdoor temperature. If you’re working in a hot attic, stay hydrated and take breaks as needed.

Finally, be careful of breathing hazards in your attic. Dust and insulation are both hard on your lungs. Dust masks or respirators can cut down on your exposure.

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