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summer temperatures

It’s inevitable during the summer that some heat will enter your home, which will then require you to run your A/C more often. However, there are many simple methods to minimize heat gain that will make a significant impact on your energy bills. Evaluate the Windows Windows account for almost half of the heat gain […]

Time to Think About Fall Maintenance in New Jersey

02 Sep
Seasonal Maintenance

Fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for your Monmouth County home’s fall maintenance check. An energy-efficient and effectively operating heating system is the best defense against the cold and nasty weather of northeastern winters. But to get the most out of your equipment, you’ll want to ensure that it gets […]

How a Maintenance Agreement Compares to a Warranty

28 Aug

Both warranties and HVAC maintenance agreements can provide coverage for your home’s heating and cooling equipment, but which type of protection offers you more? To help you understand the key differences in coverage, let’s compare the benefits you get from signing up for a maintenance agreement with what’s included under a typical home warranty: Yearly […]

Dodge These Allergy Triggers Before They Get You Down

26 Aug
Indoor Allergies

Often, the remedy for allergy symptoms includes medication or shots, but there are some simpler ways to address allergy triggers, at least in your home. Avoidance is the best bet. Here are some tips for minimizing the impact of these common indoor allergy triggers. Dust Mites Dust mites can be found on upholstery, stuffed animals, […]

Facing an HVAC Installation? Tips for Selecting a Contractor

21 Aug
HVAC installation

Knowing how to pick the right contractor for an HVAC installation can be a scary prospect. It’s very important to find a reputable contractor who will be able to give you the right information to ensure you have the right type, size and correct installation to get the optimum energy-saving benefits for your home. Here […]

Two-Stage Cooling: Why It’s So Efficient

19 Aug
two-stage cooling is efficient

With the hot summer months driving the temperature up here in New Jersey, you may be wondering if it’s time to replace the old A/C. If you’re thinking about a new A/C, you should consider putting in a two-stage cooling system. Two-stage cooling systems are energy efficient, better at providing even cooling comfort, and offer […]

Is Your A/C Keeping Up With Humidity in Your Monmouth County Home?

14 Aug
Humidity & A/C

Monmouth County can experience some humid days in the summer, and a highly functioning A/C can greatly increase the comfort of your home. For this reason, you should do everything you can to keep your A/C keeping up with humidity. There are several steps you can take to keep your home comfortable and free of […]

How Your Water Heater Does Its Job

12 Aug

Water heaters can be gas, electric, hybrid or solar. Tanks can range from 2.5 gallons to 70 gallons or even have no tank as in the case of an on demand water heater. The most commonly used types of water heaters are a tank type that is either gas or electric. These large metal cylinders […]