Bad Homeowner HVAC Habits

Bad Homeowner HVAC Habits

Most of us are privy to some bad habits that we’d love to do away with, be it smoking, swearing, checking the phone continuously, staying up too late or scarfing down midnight snacks. But what about your HVAC system? Chances are over the years as a homeowner, you’ve developed some bad HVAC habits. And just as it can happen with some of the habits mentioned above, bad HVAC practices can cost you. Watch out for these.

Not Changing the Filter

Maybe you’ve heard it over and over, but your HVAC system just keeps working so you don’t quite get how important it is not to skip changing the filter regularly. A dirty filter slows down air flow, which can cause a host of malfunctions and cost you more on your utility bill. It also prevents your HVAC from properly dehumidifying your home. Further, a dirty filter will not keep particulates out of the HVAC. Dirt on your system’s moving parts leads to friction, overheating and eventually, a breakdown.

Raising or Lowering the Thermostat Too Much

Jamming the thermostat way up or way down won’t do any good and can actually harm your HVAC system. People tend to think by raising the thermostat to 90 or lowering it to 50 the house will heat up or cool down faster. It won’t. But if you leave the thermostat there, it will cause it to run continuously, which will overwork parts and can lead to breakdowns.

Continuously Changing the Thermostat

Changing the thermostat continuously causes undue wear and inefficient operation. Set a schedule on the programmable or Wi-fi thermostat and, if need be, lock the thermostat so other household members can’t be changing it.

Shutting Registers Off

This practice will not save money on utility bills, but will cause negative pressure, leading to inefficient performance — which will actually cost you more on your energy bill. Further, it can make the HVAC system work harder, wearing on parts and leading to a breakdown.

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