The Importance of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

The Importance of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

With daily activities like showering and bathing, your bathrooms are the source of a lot of humidity in your home. Sufficient bathroom ventilation is essential, because excessive moisture can lead to mold growth, compromised air quality, extra wear and strain on your cooling equipment and higher energy bills. Here is some helpful advice about installing and using bathroom exhaust fans, so you can keep your home healthy and avoid problems related to poor ventilation.

Make Sure Your Fans Have Ample Capacity

To adequately ventilate an average-size bathroom, the exhaust fan should have one CFM of capacity per square foot of floor space. An additional 50 CFM of capacity is needed for each tub, shower or toilet in bathrooms larger than 100 square feet, and 100 CFM extra for a jetted bathtub. You can install one large or multiple smaller fans to ventilate each bathroom once you’ve determined the needed CFM.

Have Ducting Installed Correctly

When you’re having a bathroom fan installed, make sure that the ducting isn’t run between the ceiling joists or up into the attic space but directly outdoors instead. This prevents excess moisture buildup in unfinished areas from causing mold growth or structural decay where it’s not easily noticed.

Locate Fans For Maximum Efficiency

Place your bathroom exhaust fan in the ceiling right above a fixture like the shower or bathtub, and install a separate fan in closed-off toilet areas. Choose a fan location that’s away from any HVAC vents, and make sure the bathroom door has sufficient bottom clearance so replacement air can be pulled into the room.

Add Convenience Features to Ensure Fan Use

For good ventilation, an exhaust fan should run for a minimum of 15 minutes after every bathroom visit, and there are fans available with features to make this convenient. You can choose one with a built-in start up sensor, a timer to shut it down automatically, or a humidity sensor that activates the fan in response to air moisture levels.

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