The Benefits of a Wi-Fi Detector: Water Leaks and Freezes

The Benefits of a Wi-Fi Detector: Water Leaks and Freezes

Staying on top of your home while you’re there or miles away is easier with Wi-Fi detectors that sense water leaks and freezing temperatures. As convenient and nearly foolproof as it may seem, home plumbing can leak or break, and unless it’s caught early, the damage can be serious.

Manual water leak sensors are available, but unless there’s someone at home to hear them, they can’t do much to stop the leaking. With Wi-Fi technology, you’ll be alerted immediately.

The Damage Water Does

Whether it’s from a frozen pipe or a leaking appliance, water can cause significant damage. It seeps into flooring and drywall, where it can warp or ruin the material. Water can irreparably damage your furniture, electronics, and many other items. Unless it’s dried quickly, mold spores can start to grow, eventually rotting anything organic and creating an indoor air hazard.

Where to Put the Detectors

Any appliance that uses water is vulnerable to flooding, but putting Wi-Fi detectors on the water heater and any other water-dependent appliance you don’t monitor closely will protect your home. Water heaters are especially vulnerable because they:

  • Hold a lot of water.
  • Are usually out of sight.
  • Can leak with little or no warning.

Washing machines and dishwashers can also flood, along with central air conditioners. There are a few conditions where the parts inside the air handler in the air conditioner can freeze over when the system runs. A detector that senses both water and cold temperatures will alert you to a problem. Unless the A/C turns off, a frozen coil can cost many hundreds of dollars to repair.

If you have an area in your home where the pipes have frozen before and it’s not easy to increase the insulation, a Wi-Fi detector placed near the pipes will warn you of an impending freeze.

If you’re routinely away or want to avoid the damage that broken pipes or malfunctioning appliances cause, consider Wi-Fi detectors for your home. To learn more, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, serving the HVAC needs of Monmouth County homeowners.

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