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The Benefits of Zoning Systems

01 Sep
The Benefits of Zoning Systems

Heating and cooling can be a big expense: often, it accounts for over half the energy costs in a typical household. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs in your Monmouth County home, a home zoning system may be one way you haven’t considered.

The principle behind home zoning is simple: it’s the idea that you don’t use all of your home at once, and that heating or cooling the entire house when only a few rooms are in use is a waste of energy. Home zoning allows you to selectively heat or cool certain areas of your home, or zones, while leaving others at a more ambient temperature.

A home zoning system uses a series of specialized dampers inside the ductwork of your HVAC system. These dampers can be opened or closed to different extents, regulating the amount of airflow each part of your home receives, allowing you to set different areas to different temperatures. When only some parts of your home need heating and cooling, they’re the only parts which receive heated or cooled air, reducing the load on your central HVAC system.

Some homeowners try to mimic this effect by closing air vents in various rooms. While this may successfully make different rooms different temperatures, it can actually increase your heating costs. That’s because when an air outflow vent is closed, the return vents remain open (and often aren’t constructed so that they can be closed). This continually introduces unconditioned air into the system, which causes the central appliances to have to work harder.

Home zoning systems are useful in a variety of situations. For example: a home office could be heated and cooled during the workday while bedrooms and living areas didn’t need conditioning; the room of an elderly or very young relative could be kept warmer than the general living areas; or rooms with architectural features like large windows could receive the specific heating and cooling they needed.

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