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The Best HVAC Tools for the Job

22 Aug
The Best HVAC Tools for the Job

There’s a problem with your heating or cooling system, so you hire an HVAC contractor to tinker around in your system and find out what’s wrong. You’re not quite sure what they’re doing, but they’ve brought a lot of impressive looking equipment with them. It’s important have at least a basic idea of what that equipment is and does, so you can understand what they’re doing to your system and why. So here’s a rundown of some of the most important HVAC tools and what they do.

Refrigeration gauges

If the coolant in your A/C is leaking, it can cause problems that cost you money and energy. HVAC technicians use refrigeration gauges to measure the refrigerant in your system by pressure and determine if it’s at the right level. They use hoses with special brass fittings, which keep you from coming into contact with the coolant and minimize leakage.

Refrigerant scale

If the coolant in your A/C isn’t at the right level, then a refrigerant scale will be used, to measure the amount of refrigerant being added and ensure that it’s full without overflowing.

Vacuum pump

In order to test your system for leaks, a vacuum pump is used to remove all the air and moisture from your A/C lines.

Caulking gun

If there are leaks in your ductwork, or in your house in general (such as cracks in walls where air can get in or out), it can cost you a lot of money in energy bills. One of the most efficient ways of sealing these leaks is with a caulking gun, to prevent heat energy from escaping.

Digital thermometer

It may seem simple, but a digital thermometer is an essential HVAC tool. Many HVAC technicians will carry their thermometer with them like a pocketknife. They can often be used to measure multiple temperatures at once, to see just how effective your HVAC system is at heating or cooling your home.

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