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What Causes a Noisy Boiler?

10 Feb
What Causes a Noisy Boiler?

With blizzards like the one we experienced in late January, you don’t want your boiler suddenly conking out. A noisy boiler may be a sign of trouble ahead, so it’s wise to find the source of the noise before big issues evolve. As your boiler ages, it can start making “kettling” noises, a kind of gurgling or bubbling sound. A number of conditions can cause this, including:

Mineral Buildup

Mineral buildup, also known as scale, occurs when dissolved minerals in the water in your boiler build up at the bottom of the tank. Deposits around the heat exchanger can cause an eruption of rapidly boiling water, and a concurrent cascade of floating bubbles. These bubbles quickly dissipate when they reach cooler water in the upper level of the tank, producing kettling. An additive can remove the mineral deposits, and the boiler may then be drained and refilled.

Air Leaks

When air leaks into your boiler system, a pressure difference between steam from the boiler and the air pockets may result in banging noises in your pipes or radiator. Air can get in your system several ways: malfunctioning valves, improperly connected expansion tank, or gaps in the connections. To get rid of air, bleed valves, but call a contractor to fix the air leaks.

Low Water Pressure

When there’s inadequate water supply or the water pressure is too low, heat in the boiler can’t dissipate as fast as it should. The water may boil, resulting in kettling. Malfunctioning valves, frozen pipes and mistakes with flow-rate settings can also cause pressure and water flow problems.

Temperature Too Hot

When a thermostat is set too high, water in the boiler will boil rapidly, causing noise. Turning the thermostat down may help lessen the noise, but it may also lower the output of heat too much. If your thermostat is malfunctioning, it should be replaced.

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