Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Home Heating Boiler

Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Home Heating Boiler

Annual professional maintenance is essential for HVAC systems to run efficiently and safely. Indeed, the energy savings and long-lasting equipment you’ll receive as a result far outweigh short-term costs.

In addition to professional preventive maintenance, you should take steps to care for your home heating boiler on a regular basis. Here’s how you can accomplish this task:

Steam Boilers

Removing sediment from your boiler and float chamber can help boost boiler heating efficiency and prevent clogs. You should drain some water from these areas once a month. You can use a water-test kit to test the water you’ve drained for alkalinity, which is an indicator of possible corrosion, as well as magnesium and calcium, which leave sediment deposits.

Next, test and clean the low-water cutoff. For the low-water cutoff safety controls, depress the test button during operation. The lights on the controls should turn on. Then, release the button. The burner should start at this point. You can clean the controls with a long narrow brush.

Hot Water Boilers

If you have a hot water home heating boiler, test your pressure-relief valve (PRV) for leakage and function. The PRV is a vital device that releases hot water and steam if the boiler pressure rises to dangerous levels. If the PRV is leaking, you should call your HVAC professional to have it checked out.

When you run your hand over the drain line to the valve, keep in mind that it’s normal for it to be warm near the PRV. When you lift the lever on the PRV, you should hear water running down the drain line.

All Boilers

  • Take a look at the vent connection pipe and chimney. These areas corrode and deteriorate over time.
  • Make sure all seals are intact and that no holes or cracks exist.
  • Test the high-limit control by pressing the pilot button. If the button does not release, the valve needs a replacement.
  • Check if the heat exchanger is leaking. If it is, call your HVAC professional.
  • Clean the surfaces of the boiler and heat exchanger.

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