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Camping HVAC Essentials

05 Jul
Camping HVAC Essentials

More people than ever are discovering the joys of camping, as they take to the road to explore the country, piloting their motor homes or bus conversions, or hauling their shelter behind them in the form of travel trailers, pop-ups and truck campers.

But in the good old summertime, camping can get downright uncomfortable in the afternoons, so most higher-end camping vehicles come equipped with some kind of air conditioner.

For those campers or RVs without an A/C, the option to add on is an attractive one. You can take your pick among the new crop of HVAC essentials and find just the right kind of cooling system to suit your vehicle and satisfy your comfort requirements.

Camper Cooling Options

In general, camper and RV owners go for one of these types of cooling:

  • Rooftop air conditioner
  • Portable A/C
  • Window unit

But now there’s an even better option. Ductless mini splits are finding their place among today’s camping aficionados. A type of heat pump, the mini-split doesn’t need ducts to deliver cool air. The mini-split is composed of two basic units — an air handler and a compressor/condenser connected by a conduit for wires and refrigerant lines.

Mini-splits are available for cooling different-size spaces. The smallest, at about 9000 Btus, will cool spaces of 500 square feet — more than enough cooling for most RVs or campers.

Mini-split benefits include the ability to deliver cool air quietly and evenly. They are relatively easy to install, relatively light in weight, and can run on a generator or from a direct power source. Mini-splits that heat are also available.

Other Options

If you’re not the owner of a camping vehicle or trailer, and you’re planning to camp in a tent, you can opt for a portable fan or even a small portable air conditioner to help cool down, but these require a direct power source or a generator. Fans that run on standard or rechargeable batteries are available and can help you cool off to some degree.

For more on HVAC essentials that can enhance your camping experience, contact Aggressive Mechanical of Neptune City.

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