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How Candles Affect Your Air Filters and IAQ

14 Aug
How Candles Affect Your Air Filters and IAQ

We love our candles, whether for decorating the home or brightening up a holiday celebration. Not only do they lend a romantic glow while enhancing the dramatic mood of a room, but they also heighten enjoyment when we gather together to share a holiday feast or celebrate important family milestones.

Scented candles have likewise become an integral part of residential ambiance, helping us relax or meditate with heavenly or earthly scents designed to calm and delight us.

Unfortunately, candles are also frequently guilty of degrading your indoor air quality.

How Candles Can Impact Your Air Quality

The most common types of candles are those made of paraffin, a petroleum-based, waxy substance. Paraffin candles give off toxic chemicals when burning: formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and acetaldehyde.

Wicks can also be dangerous, in that some contain lead; even though candles with lead in wicks were banned in the U.S. some years ago, they still turn up in the American marketplace.

Further, scented candles are even more problematic, giving off the same toxins just listed, but also emitting a strong fragrance that can be irritating to many persons. All these types of candles can aggravate asthma and other respiratory issues and can even cause cancer.

It’s a good idea to keep the home well ventilated whenever burning any kind of candle. Also, don’t allow candles to burn more than an hour, so you can minimize the off-gassing of the harmful airborne particulates.

Avoid paraffin candles whenever possible and burn soy or beeswax from reputable candle manufacturers who avoid toxic ingredients.


When candles burn, they give off soot, which can be drawn into your HVAC system’s air. The pollutants may be redistributed in the supply air, while the dark soot can build up on the walls of your HVAC and dirty up your air filter faster than would normally happen.

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