Caring for Your Heater in Summer

Caring for Your Heater in Summer

You probably don’t think much about your heater during the summer months. But if you neglect it during this time, it might not work properly when you need it. Here are some things you can do right now to make sure your heater is in good shape when heating season arrives.

Have Repairs Done

How was your heater’s performance in the last days of winter? Was it running smoothly and heating your home efficiently? Or was it making strange noises, heating unevenly, sending your energy bills through the roof, or causing other problems?

You may have simply decided to ignore these issues and ride them out until the weather turned warmer. But when the temperature drops again, you’ll be in the same boat, if not worse. And if the system breaks down then, you’ll be left in the cold until it can be fixed. Better to deal with those problems now than continue putting them off. Call your HVAC technician and have them make any necessary repairs.

Perform Basic Maintenance

Replace the air filter now, so that once heating season starts, you know it’s operating at peak performance. Also, clean around your furnace thoroughly. This includes the outside, the surrounding area, and the inside: motor, fans, and other moving parts. A buildup of dust can keep the system from running as it should, or even become a fire hazard when you turn the system on again.

Finally, examine your ductwork for leaks and other damage. Your furnace and A/C use the same ducts, so a problem for one is a problem for both.

Schedule Your Annual Tuneup

In the fall, just before heating season starts, it’s important to have your HVAC technician give your system a thorough inspection, to make sure it’s running properly and operating efficiently. They can address any issues before they become serious problems, ensure your thermostat is set properly, and more. Make the appointment now, rather than wait and risk forgetting.

For more tips on maintaining your heater in any season, call us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors today. We provide Monmouth County with quality HVAC solutions.

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