Ceiling Fan Care

Ceiling Fan Care

It’s that time of year to reverse the blades of your ceiling fan, so you can get the maximum benefit of your air air conditioner. When you run the blades counterclockwise, they lift up the warm air in the room and help to push down the cooler air so it reaches the occupants at floor level.

In winter, you will want to reverse the direction of the blades and run them clockwise to push down the warm air from the furnace.

Here are some more ceiling fan care tips.

1. Keep the blades clean.

The dirt that gathers on the edge of the blades will slow them down, dragging at the air and causing the motor to work harder. Always clean the blades every season before you turn the fans on. You can either wipe them with a damp cloth (put a drop cloth down to catch falling dust/dirt) or take them off and wash them in soapy water.

2. Tighten screws.

Things may get loose over time so check your ceiling fans for any obviously loose screws.

3. Lubricate.

Your fans are likely to come with a sealed motor so it may not be possible to lubricate them. However, if you find a well where you can add a little household oil. do so.

4. Check for balance.

Fans may start to wobble over time. Sometimes you can correct balance issues with a balance kit. If blades are uneven or warped, they may need to be replaced. They should be replaced from the same manufacturer who made your ceiling fan. All the blades should be the same distance from the ceiling.

To balance the fan, loosen screws on the canopy cover, and then tighten the screws on the mounting bracket and outlet box. Check for loose screws, then check the pins. Fan blades should be secured to blade holders.

4. Check wiring.

Make sure fan wiring and wiring to lights are not frayed or disconnected.

For more on ceiling fan care, or to schedule repairs, maintenance or installations, contact Aggressive Mechanical. We serve Neptune City and the surrounding area.

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