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Can Ceiling Fan Direction Really Enhance Your Home’s Cooling Efficiency?

30 Apr
Can Ceiling Fan Direction Really Enhance Your Home's Cooling Efficiency?

If your home has reversible ceiling fans, the ceiling fan direction does make a difference in how hard your cooling system has to work. When set properly for the cooling season, the fans don’t actually cool the room, but they do make you feel more comfortable by moving the air. This helps keep you cool because it dries the moisture on your skin and creates a wind chill effect.

Checking the Direction

You can check the ceiling fan direction by standing under the fan when it’s set to a slow speed. During the cooling season, you want the fans to turn counterclockwise to create the wind chill effect.

The default setting for a single-speed fan turns the blades in the direction they need to be for cooling. A switch on the fan’s housing that says forward and reverse indicates that the fan is reversible. If the fan has been switched to the reverse setting, it pushes the air in the room up toward the ceiling that forces all the warmer air down into the room. This is perfect for heating season, but not helpful for cooling.

Before you adjust the switch, be sure you’ve turned the fan off. Even at a slow spin, the fan blades can cause serious injuries. It’s also a good time to remove dust from the blades to improve the fan’s performance and help keep indoor air fresh.


Using ceiling fans does improve the efficiency of your cooling system because you can turn the thermostat up a few degrees, saving energy and wear on your cooling system. Since ceiling fans only create the perception of cooling, turn them off when you leave the room to save even more energy.

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