How Ceiling Fans Can Improve Cooling Efficiency

How Ceiling Fans Can Improve Cooling Efficiency

Reducing the load on your home’s air conditioning system has several benefits. And one of the easiest and most effective ways to give your A/C a break is by using ceiling fans to enhance home cooling. While a ceiling fan won’t actually make a space cooler, it will make it feel cooler, which amounts to the same thing.

While the science of how blowing air achieves cooling is more complicated than this, suffice to say that air movement on human skin creates a cooling effect. In the winter, this is known as the wind-chill effect – a 20 mph wind on a 32-degree day can make the temperature seem several degrees cooler. When a ceiling fan is set to its default fan rotation, counterclockwise, it will blow air onto room inhabitants, making the temperature feel three or four degrees cooler. This allows you to turn up the thermostat by a few degrees, without any loss of comfort.

Benefits of Ceiling Fan Use in the Cooling Season

  • When you turn up the thermostat during ceiling-fan operation, you save energy and money. It costs a lot more to operate an A/C than a simple ceiling fan.
  • You ease the workload on your air conditioner, forestalling breakdowns and extending its service life.
  • You reduce any adverse environmental impacts of your A/C, such as carbon dioxide emissions.

It’s important to remember that if nobody’s in the room to feel the fan’s cooling effect, it doesn’t need to be operating. There’s no cumulative cooling effect; when the fan goes off, the room feels exactly the way it felt before you turned on the fan. Save energy by switching off ceiling fans when nobody’s occupying the room.

Many people are not aware that ceiling fans also can help heat your home in the wintertime. Set the fan blade rotation to clockwise, and the fan will blow air upwards, resulting in better distribution of warm air that collects at the top of the room.

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