When to Change Your Thermostat’s Batteries

When to Change Your Thermostat’s Batteries

Over the years, thermostats have become exceedingly more advanced, adding options that most people would never have considered 10 or 15 years ago. But, one thing that has not changed is that most of these units still require the use of batteries for normal operation or for specific functionalities. Let’s take a look at replacing these batteries as part of basic thermostat maintenance before the cooler months of the year arrive.

Modern Technology at Its Best

When programmable thermostats were first introduced, they were heralded as excellent replacements of the manual units because they added functionalities that provided greater control over the heating and cooling of your home. Now, we’ve seen the emergence of smart thermostats that do even more. This makes the batteries in these devices more important than ever.

Knowing when the battery needs to be changed

Out of all the HVAC maintenance tasks that you might need to complete each season, few are as simple as knowing when to replace your thermostat battery. That’s because modern thermostats are equipped with either a low battery indicator light that flashes on and off when the battery is low or a soft beeping tone that is emitted intermittently. When either of these things occur, it’s time to switch out the batteries.

Changing the batteries is as simple as 1-2-3

Not only is it easy to know when to change your thermostat’s batteries, it’s also easy to complete the task. First, locate the battery compartment cover, which you will find on either the front, back, or side of the device. Second, remove the cover by either pushing back the tab or using a screwdriver, if required. And third, simply pop the old batteries out and stick the new batteries in. It can’t get any easier than that.

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