Why Are Clean Air Ducts So Important?

Why Are Clean Air Ducts So Important?

The ductwork hidden away behind your walls and ceiling is one HVAC system component that may not get the attention it deserves. Not only is your home’s air circulated through this network of ducting, its condition has a major impact on how well your entire HVAC system functions. This makes clean air ducts critically important for a number of reasons.

Indoor Air Quality

Up to 40 pounds of dust accumulates in the average home over a 12-month period, and this noxious mix of particles can seriously degrade the quality of your air supply. When dust infiltrates your HVAC system through return vents, your family may be breathing in air filled with pollen, dust mites, animal dander, pest droppings, soot, soil, decomposing insect parts, chemical residue and mold spores.

Indoor pollution can cause allergy attacks, worsen asthma and other respiratory ailments and cause heath problems ranging from heart disease to various forms of cancer. The best way to improve air quality is with a three-prong strategy that includes having duct cleaning performed periodically, increasing air exchange through ventilation and boosting filtration.

Overall Energy Efficiency

If dirt and dust are allowed to build up in ductwork, the amount of airflow through the HVAC system starts to decline and your equipment must work harder to maintain comfort. This pushes energy consumption higher and increases monthly utility bills. When your HVAC system receives regular preventative care that includes duct cleaning, the equipment runs at maximum efficiency, which helps keep operating costs under control.

HVAC Equipment Lifespan

Dirty ductwork can also impact the service life of your costly HVAC equipment. When it’s struggling to compensate for dirt circulating through the system, the equipment tends to run for longer periods and cycle on and off more frequently. Keeping the entire system clean can prevent this unnecessary equipment wear that can lead to repeated breakdowns or premature failures.

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