What to Do About a Clogged Drain Before the Plumber Arrives

What to Do About a Clogged Drain Before the Plumber Arrives

A clogged drain can happen for a variety of reasons. Some home remedies may work to loosen simple clogs, but if you are concerned that the reason for the clog may be something more serious, like tree roots or a collapsed pipe, you will need to call the plumber. However, there are some things you can do before the plumber arrives.

Sink and Bathtub Drains

The sources of a clogged bathroom or kitchen drain are most likely substances that have been collecting and congealing in the drain until water can no longer pass through. Even when you’re scrupulous about not pouring grease or other congealing substances down the drains, clogs can still happen from the bits of food, hair, soap and other substances that enter the drains. For simple clogs, try the following:

  • Pour boiling water down the drain.
  • Use a half cup of baking soda, followed by a cup of vinegar in the drain. Cap it off, allowing it to foam for 10 minutes. Then, flush it with hot water.
  • Feed the stiff cable of a drain snake or auger into the drain to see if you can loosen the clog.
  • Plunge the clog with a plunger designed for a sink so that it fits tightly. Partially fill the basin with water before you plunge.
  • Remove the P-trap (the curved portion of the drain pipe under the sink) and clear it out.

Sewer Clogs

Sometimes, clogged sewer lines can cause the toilet as well as other drains in the home to overflow. You can try plunging the toilet or using a drain snake to loosen the clog, but if that doesn’t work and other drains appear to be slow, most likely there’s a problem with tree roots or collapsed pipes further down the line. Refrain from turning on the water or flushing the toilet, and call a licensed plumber. You can turn off the water valve at the base of the bowl till the plumber arrives.

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