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What Does Cloudy Tap Water Indicate?

21 Jul
What Does Cloudy Tap Water Indicate? | Aggressive

You turn on the tap for a refreshing glass of clear water. But instead, you’re greeted with milky white clouds. Everyone’s experienced cloudy tap water occasionally. It can make you wince in disgust, and even be a little worrying. Where did this cloudy water come from? Is it safe to drink? The answer depends on a number of factors. Let’s take a closer look at the causes of cloudy water.

Causes of Cloudy Tap Water

Is the cloudy water coming from the hot tap, cold tap, or both? Hot water is more likely to be plagued with clouds. That’s because the most common cause of cloudy water is air. Water in the water heater is compressed, adding more air, that’s not in the cold side. Thus, your hot water will often be a little cloudier.

If you’re experiencing cloudy water from both hot and cold taps, then too much air could be getting into your water. This may be indicative of a leak in your water line, that’s causing it to draw in more air than usual. Or, the clouds might be caused by a slightly higher-than-usual buildup of iron or other mineral deposits in your water.

What to Do About Cloudy Tap Water

Most of the time, cloudy water is nothing to worry about. In fact, if you wait a few seconds, it will usually clear up on its own. If not, you can invest in an aerator attachment for your faucet, and this will often help.

If this too proves ineffective, try calling a plumber to see if there are any leaks or other issues causing excess air to get into your water. If the problem still persists, try having a water quality analysis test performed on your tap water. This can find the root of your cloudy water problem, confirm that it is, in fact, safe to drink, and help you find a solution once and for all.

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