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Most Common Boiler Problems

31 Aug
Most Common Boiler Problems

A broken boiler can bring a great deal of distress to you and your family, especially during winter. Many heating engineers who repair boiler problems charge by the hour, so you could save time and money by being able to diagnose your system’s issue and taking preliminary steps before booking a repair. Here are some common problems that your boiler may experience:

No hot water or heat

The potential causes of this boiler problem include broken airlocks and diaphragms, low water levels, and malfunctioning motorized valves. A broken valve, diaphragm, or airlock will have to be replaced. This matter should be left to a qualified heating engineer.

Radiators don’t heat

If only the bottom section of your radiator is heating up, there may be a buildup of air in the system, a pump issue, or rust inside the pipes. You should first bleed the radiators to get rid of the trapped air. If the heating issues don’t improve, you’ll probably need a power flush.

Strange gurgling, whistling, or bubbling noises

These unusual sounds are usually caused by an air buildup in the system, very low water pressure, or impending pump failure. You can try resolving the boiler problem by power flushing your pipes or bleeding your radiator. If the problem continues, seek the help of a professional.

Thermostat not working correctly

If your thermostat is losing accuracy or sending the wrong commands to your heating system, you’ll need to verify that it’s been turned on and set correctly. If you have an older thermostat, you may need a replacement.

Pilot light going out

This usually happens due to a faulty thermocouple that’s shutting off the gas supply. Other possible causes include a buildup of deposit in the light and a draught that’s extinguishing the pilot light. You can consult your manual for instructions on how to relight it.

If your home’s boiler problems persist despite your troubleshooting efforts, book an emergency repair service. To learn more about your boiler, contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. We proudly serve Monmouth County and the surrounding area.

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