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Common HVAC Problems in the Spring

13 Mar
Common HVAC Problems in the Spring

Considering that your cooling system has been shut down over the winter months, don’t be surprised if you encounter a few spring HVAC problems. Here are some common issues that might crop up immediately or soon after you start using your cooling system, and some advice on to get them resolved promptly:

Your System is Non-Responsive

If you discover that the thermostat screen is blank when you attempt to switch to cooling, replacing the batteries might be all that’s necessary. If there’s no issue with the thermostat, head to your main electrical box and try resetting the outdoor unit’s breaker. If the system still won’t start up, call a trusted HVAC pro for help.

Inadequate Cool Air Output

If you’ve replaced the air filter and your system starts up as expected but it’s not producing sufficient cool air, contact a professional right away. Two issues that can reduce the flow of conditioned air are refrigerant leaks within the system or a dirty evaporator or condenser coil that’s adversely affecting heat transfer. If you’re feeling warm airflow instead of cool from the registers, a malfunctioning contactor in the outdoor unit may be the culprit. An experienced technician can find the source of the problem so you can have it fixed and enjoy a comfortably cool home once again.

Uneven or Inconsistent Cooling

Does your air conditioner or heat pump cycle on right away and there’s plenty of cool air output in some rooms but other areas of your home don’t cool down sufficiently? Uneven cooling can have a few possible causes, such as unbalanced system airflow, a flawed ductwork design, damaged or leaky ducts, a poorly-placed thermostat or over- or under-sized equipment capacity. To correct this frustrating issue so you don’t have to suffer throughout the entire cooling season, your HVAC contractor will need to do some investigative work to find the underlying cause and give you effective options to get it solved.

If you’re experiencing spring HVAC problems in your Monmouth County home and need expert help to ensure your cooling season comfort, contact us today at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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