The Most Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them

The Most Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them

When common plumbing problems occur in your home, see if you can fix them before calling in a plumber. A quick fix will get the fixture operating properly again and you won’t experience the inconveniences associated with stopped up drains or waste water until the pro comes to your home.

Slow Drains

Especially common in bathroom sinks, slow drains are relatively easy to fix by taking out the sink stopper and removing the accumulations of hair, tooth paste and soap residue. To get the stopper out:

  • Take the screw out of the drain plug’s attachment arm, found beneath the sink. Pull out the ball valve, also found beneath the sink.
  • Lift up on the stopper and take off the debris. You may want to wear gloves and have a small screwdriver to loosen the hair and caked-on soap and toothpaste solids.

Slow drains in the kitchen sink could be the fault of a dirty garbage disposal or an accumulation of food in the trap. Add enough water to the sink to cover the top sink plunger and vigorously move it back and forth. It may be enough to dislodge the clog. If not:

  • Place a bowl under the sink after removing items you store there.
  • Fill a bucket with water. Loosen the nuts that hold the trap in place. Using an old toothbrush, take out the clog. Rinse the trap in the water. You may also need new washers to prevent future leaks.


Unfortunately leaking toilets are all too common plumbing problems that are easy to fix once the leaks are discovered. If the toilet runs continuously, you may need a new float, or the chain is getting stuck beneath the flapper. Toilet repair kits are available at home centers and come complete with specific parts and instructions for the different brands and types available.

If you experience any of these common plumbing problems and can’t seem to resolve them, it’s time to call in the pros. For more information, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, providing HVAC and plumbing services for Monmouth County homeowners.
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