Common Thermostat Problems for Summer

Common Thermostat Problems for Summer

The summer will be heating up soon, and that will mean it’s time to turn on the air conditioner. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure you have a clean air filter in your system, and you’ll also want to schedule spring A/C maintenance so a qualified technician can inspect your equipment before the hottest weather arrives.

But another thing you might want to do is to pay attention to your thermostat, both its operation and any problems you might have. Here are some tips on common thermostat problems.

Thermostat Issues

  1. Loss of power. A thermostat may appear to be on the blink when there is actually a loss of power. Make sure your power is on before searching for a thermostat malfunction.
  2. Setting too high for power to come on. Thermostats can’t send the signal for the A/C to come on unless they are set lower than the ambient temperature. Lower the set point to get the A/C to run as often as you would like.
  3. The thermostat is not working. This can be because the thermostat is broken, but often, it’s because the wiring is worn out or has come loose, or batteries are dead. Change batteries, if needed, but call a technician to replace frayed wiring.
  4. Thermostat is in the wrong location. Location can impact how the thermostat works. For instance, if the sun is shining directly on it, it will tend to turn the A/C on more often. A thermostat too close to a heat source such as an oven can also run too much.
  5. Thermostat is dirty. An accumulation of dust and debris may prevent the contacts from giving accurate readings. The thermostat should be cleaned by a technician.
  6. Thermostat is not programmed right. Programmable thermostats can be challenging to operate. Make sure yours is programmed right. Read the programming instructions carefully or call a technician to show you how to program yours for the optimum cooling schedule in your home.

To learn more about solving common thermostat problems, contact Aggressive Mechanical. We serve Neptune City and the surrounding area.

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