Condensing Furnaces: The Best Bet for Efficiency in Our Region

Condensing Furnaces: The Best Bet for Efficiency in Our Region

Long cold winters and high heating bills can be exhausting, and this season has been especially trying. If you’re shopping for a new furnace, check out condensing furnaces for exceptional home comfort that won’t exhaust your energy budget.

Efficiency, Comfort, Safety

Fuel efficiency is important for regions with as many low degree days we experience in Monmouth County area. That means an efficient furnace can save quite a nice sum of money during the heating months. Consider these components and features of condensing furnaces as you’re weighing your furnace options:

  • Modulating gas valve – Does your gas stove have only “high” setting? Then, neither should your furnace. Modulating gas valves allow condensing furnaces to automatically adjust heating output for you in increments as precise as 1 percent. That’s fine heating.
  • Variable-speed blower – A variable-speed blower is the modulating gas valve’s partner in superior comfort and fuel efficiency. Rather than one “high” speed, a variable-speed blower typically operates at about half capacity. This saves electricity, delivers quieter operation and provides for more even and comfortable home heating.
  • Two heat exchangers – Condensing furnaces utilize a second heat exchanger to reach exceptional fuel efficiency rates (annual fuel utilization efficiency, AFUE). The primary heat exchanger extracts heat like a conventional furnace. Then, hot exhaust gases flow into the second heat exchanger where additional heat energy is extracted. The gases condense and cool to a temperature safe for venting through plastic pipes.
  • Sealed venting – Sealed sidewall venting consists of plastic intake and exhaust piping that provide air from outside the home to a sealed combustion chamber. This eliminates the risk of furnace back-drafting and provides more efficient heating by not using warm household air for combustion.
  • Linked and connected – All of these components are monitored and controlled for the greatest efficiency by high-tech electronics and WiFi thermostats. This technology offers homeowners the option to connect add-on equipment, such as whole-house humidifiers, zoning systems, heat recovery ventilators and air-purification systems.

If you have any questions about condensing furnaces, fuel efficiency or add-on equipment, please contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

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