Cracked Toilet Tank or Bowl: Fix or Replace?

Cracked Toilet Tank or Bowl: Fix or Replace?

When you are facing a cracked toilet tank or bowl in your Monmouth County home’s bathroom, you may feel today’s miracle epoxies will save the day. Before you tackle the job yourself, picture the domestic disaster you will face if your repair does not hold. Should you call in a plumber, or try to fix it yourself? Here are the pros and cons:

Pros of Procuring a Pro

  • If a plumber comes in to fix your cracked toilet tank or bowl, the repair and any possible damage is on the plumber, not you.
  • The professional will not panic if a problem arises during the repair.
  • Imagine your relief facing an upset spouse knowing you did not cause the flood from a cracked toilet tank or bowl.

Cons to Contacting a Contractor

The problem may be so minor you can avoid the expense of a plumbing contractor. A tube of epoxy costs less than a contractor’s hourly charge.

Tank: Replace or Repair?

Silicone plumber’s epoxy will repair a superficial crack in a tank’s exterior, if it does not reach the interior. The repair may be unattractive, but it will hold.

  • If you see a web of tiny cracks spreading across the tank’s exterior, you may replace the tank
  • If any crack appears on the tank’s interior walls or bottom, you must replace the tank

A “superficial” crack may actually go deep into the wall of the tank and not appear inside–yet. It is a weakness that may get worse with time. Once you make the repair, keep an eye on it.

Not-So-Super Bowl

You cannot repair a cracked toilet bowl. Replace it. The only exception (it only buys you a little time) is a crack appearing above the bowl’s high water line. Water is jetted into the bowl around its upper rim, so a high crack may cause a small amount of water to drip on your floor, but it is not cause for immediate replacement.

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