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What are the Different Sound Levels of HVAC Components?

20 Mar
What are the Different Sound Levels of HVAC Components?

Your HVAC system is integral to your home comfort. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, it filters allergens and contaminants out of your home’s air, and much more. There’s one drawback, though: it can be loud.

Even when it’s running smoothly, your system’s sound levels can be distracting. They’re even worse when there’s a problem. Where do these noises come from?

HVAC Component Sound Levels

Most HVAC noise comes from the air handler. This makes sense, as that’s where the motor and most of the other moving parts are. The harder the fan is working and the more power is flowing to it, the louder it is. Therefore, if you want to decrease your HVAC noise levels, it might help to get a system that uses less energy.

However, HVAC sounds can come from other places as well. Your ductwork and even your air filter can make noise. They’re usually fairly quiet, but if you find that it’s louder than expected, it could mean that your ducts are the wrong size for your system. Call an HVAC technician and see what they advise.

Other HVAC Sounds

What if your HVAC system is making specific noises? It could indicate a variety of possible problems with your system. Here are a few common ones:

  • Rattling. If your outdoor unit is rattling, there may be some debris caught inside it, interfering with the mechanisms. Turn the system off, open it up, and look for any obstructions, or any damage caused by foreign objects.
  • Clanking. If you hear a metallic clanking in your system, it may mean that a part has come loose. Call your HVAC technician to put it back.
  • Hissing. Hissing comes from air where it’s not supposed to be. It most probably means a leak in your ductwork. Inspect it for small holes, tears, and other damage, and repair any leaks with metal tape or mastic sealant.

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