Do the Kinds of Window Locks You Use Affect HVAC Efficiency?

Do the Kinds of Window Locks You Use Affect HVAC Efficiency?

As wonderful as HVAC technology is, there’s no denying that running heating and cooling equipment can take a decent chunk out of your budget. That’s why homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean counties try to find as many ways as possible to make their HVAC system more energy-efficient.

But once you’ve done the basics, like buying energy-efficient equipment, keeping it properly maintained, and making sure your home has good insulation, what more can you do?

At that point, it’s time to start looking at small tweaks you can make to maximize your energy efficiency. A good place to start is with your windows and window locks.

How Do Windows Affect Energy Bills?

The walls of your house help keep the cooled or heated air from your HVAC system on the inside where you want it. Windows provide a possible means for that conditioned air to escape and for outside air to get in.

We want a certain amount of outside airflow. It helps keep our inside air fresh and healthy. However, we want to minimize how much of that outside air comes into the areas we’re heating or cooling while the HVAC system is running. After all, opening your windows during good weather can be nice, but you don’t usually leave your AC blowing full blast while they’re open.

A window you’ve opened on purpose can help lower your energy bills by letting you shut off your HVAC system for a time. But an improperly sealed window will cost you money by letting conditioned air escape so that your HVAC system has to work harder. One tweak you can make to improve your windows’ energy efficiency is to install good window locks.

How Do Window Locks Help Energy Efficiency?

When you lock your window, you’re ensuring that it’s shut. Combine those locks with weatherstripping, and you’re creating a good seal to keep air where it needs to be. Smart locking systems are a relatively new technology that helps ensure your windows are closed. They can not only help seal your windows but also inform you when a lock isn’t engaged and air is flowing where it shouldn’t be.

Would you like to learn more about using window locks and other tools to improve your energy efficiency? Contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. today. We’ve proudly served Monmouth and Ocean counties since 1948.

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