Don’t Go Away This Summer Without Adjusting the A/C — and Other Tips

Don’t Go Away This Summer Without Adjusting the A/C — and Other Tips

Summer vacation should be all about relaxation, but just getting out the door is often stressful, so it’s easy to forget precautionary preparations around the house. The following tips can help ensure that you don’t return home to a disaster.

Leave the A/C On. Adjusting the A/C to 85 degrees is easy if you have a programmable thermostat. If you have a manual model, adjusting the A/C to that temperature is still a wise idea. Leaving the thermostat at its normal setting is a big waste of energy, but a buildup of heat and humidity paired with a lack of air circulation could seriously damage wood floors, cabinets and doors.

Shut Off the Water. Closing the main supply line valve limits the amount of damage that can occur if the plumbing springs a leak. The worst case scenario is a 40- or 60-gallon spill from a failed water heater. The bonus is that lawn sprinklers will still work even when the house line is closed.

Keep the Garden Green. Soaker hoses can keep your garden alive if you don’t have a sprinkler system. You can put the hoses on a timer and avoid dried up, brown flowers and vegetables when you return home.

Test the Sump Pump. Weather can be unpredictable, and one big rainstorm could flood your basement if the sump pump isn’t functional. Filling the sump pit with water to ensure that the pump kicks in could prevent a potential catastrophe.

Protect the Electronics. Computers, televisions, stereos and other expensive electronics are vulnerable to a power surge if they’re plugged into wall outlets. Rather than coming home to fried equipment, plug all these devices into surge protectors before you leave.

Put Some Lights on Timers. Placing a few lamps on timers and setting them to approximate your usual schedule can fool a would-be burglar. Thieves don’t want to be caught red-handed, so they tend to avoid homes that look occupied.

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