Duct Cleaning After Summer

Duct Cleaning After Summer

After a long, hot East Coast summer, it’s time to start thinking about getting your HVAC system ready for winter. Seasonal preparations can often include duct cleaning, especially if your ductwork has been unused during the spring and summer. Here are some factors to consider when it comes to duct cleaning:

Ductwork’s Purpose

Ductwork carries heated air from your furnace, boiler, or heat pump to the inside of your home. Air will be moving through the ducts at a consistent rate. If there are any contaminants inside the ductwork, they can be picked up and carried along with this airflow, then deposited inside your home. This can cause a build-up of dust, decreased indoor air quality, and aggravation of allergies or other respiratory issues.

Duct Cleaning’s Purpose

Duct cleaning is intended to remove any accumulated dust, dirt, pollen, fibers, hairs, or other material from your ductwork. It also removes unpleasant material such as insect bodies or parts, rodent or animal fur, insect or animal feces, and mold and bacteria. Clean ducts contribute significantly to maintaining clean indoor air.

Should You Have Your Ducts Cleaned?

Some sources, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recommend duct cleaning only in specific circumstances:

  1. Visible mold exists inside ductwork or on HVAC equipment.
  2. Ducts are infested with insects, mice, or other vermin.
  3. Ducts are completely or partially blocked by debris.

However, a professional duct cleaning at any time can stop these problems at their early stages as well as provide a clean pathway for HVAC system airflow. A duct cleaning can reduce the allergens that can exist within ducts, reducing their presence and effect on allergy or asthma sufferers. Clean ducts can also improve airflow within your HVAC system, which can improve performance, efficiency, and indoor comfort levels.

Before having a duct cleaning done, talk to your trusted HVAC professional for expert advice.

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