Keep the Heat Inside Your Home with Tight Ducts

Keep the Heat Inside Your Home with Tight Ducts

Tight ducts ensure most of the heat your furnace produces goes toward keeping the Monmouth County winter chill out of your living space. As an added benefit, minimizing duct leakage also protects your indoor air quality.

Enjoy More Comfort for Less Money

In the average home, the air ducts have so many leaks that around 30 percent of the air inside escapes before it reaches the rooms. Warm air is wasted in unconditioned spaces such as the attic, so the furnace has to work harder to make up for the loss. A severe leak can reduce airflow to a room so much that the room remains constantly chilly.

These leaks are caused by improperly fit or insufficiently sealed joints and connections as well as damage such as tears and holes. By correctly sealing the leaks, a professional can reduce your duct leakage to as low as 5 percent. With more warm air flowing to your rooms, you can lower your thermostat setting to save money, yet feel even more comfortable than before.

Protect Your Home and Health

Warm air escaping into cold, unconditioned spaces causes condensation. This moisture encourages mold that eats away at your insulation and wood structural elements. Heat entering the attic in winter leads to uneven snow melt on the roof, which can cause ice dams that damage your roof, eventually causing roof leaks. Icicles on your eaves are a sign of this problem. Tight ducts prevent these issues by keeping the heat where it belongs.

Duct air leaks pull in dust, mold spores, fumes from stored chemicals, and other air contaminants, which enter the air stream to be distributed to your rooms. These leaks also cause enough negative air pressure in your house to pull appliance exhaust fumes away from the flues and into your rooms. Tight ducts preserve your indoor air quality and protect you from exposure to the carbon monoxide found in appliance exhaust fumes.

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