Is Your Ductwork Falling Apart?

Is Your Ductwork Falling Apart?

No matter how well built, ductwork doesn’t last forever. Sheet metal, fiberglass, and flexduct can all develop age-related issues that compromise their energy efficiency and your home’s air quality. Worse yet, if the ducts weren’t properly installed in the first place, you’ll have problems right from the start.

Replacing broken down or badly designed ducts with new ones could increase your ductwork’s efficiency by up to 20 percent. A few simple steps will help you decide whether or not the ducts in your Monmouth County home could use an upgrade.

Consider their age — Time alone can do a number on ducts. Insulation can deteriorate, joints can work loose, and flexduct can weaken and collapse. If your ducts have gone 10 years or longer without a professional inspection, now’s the time to schedule one.

Check them over — Take a look at the ductwork in accessible areas, such as the attic and crawlspaces. Is the insulation falling apart? Is there loose duct tape or broken mastic sealant around the joints? Are their holes, tears or collapsed sections in the fiberglass ducts or flexduct? Also check for rusty spots and streaks of dust around the duct joints, which indicate water or air leaks.

Pay attention to airflow — Poor airflow from a particular register suggests a problem, such as a blockage or leak, in the duct delivering air to it. You may notice a certain room never reaches a comfortable temperature or always feels stuffy. If you place your hand over the register and the airflow feels weak compared to other registers, chances are you have a duct problem.

Schedule professional testing — A blower door test will tell you definitively whether or not your ducts are leaking enough air to warrant repair or replacement. This test involves increasing the air pressure in the ducts so any air leakage can be measured easily.

Whether you’ve noticed a problem with your ductwork or you just need a little professional help keeping your heating and cooling system in top form, contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. anywhere in Monmouth County or nearby.

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