Your Ductwork May Be Out of Sight, but Shouldn’t Be Out of Mind

Your Ductwork May Be Out of Sight, but Shouldn’t Be Out of Mind

If you are like most people, you have probably never given a second thought about the ductwork that channels conditioned air from your HVAC system to all of the rooms of your home. You just assume everything is in place and it is doing its job just like the rest of the system is.

But one thing a lot of people don’t realize is that leaking or plugged ducts, particularly at the seams or near the registers, can greatly reduce overall HVAC efficiency by up to 40 percent. That’s why a ductwork inspection should be a part of your regular annual maintenance schedule. If you feel confident about doing the inspection, the following tips will help you know what to look for. Otherwise, when you hire a professional, mention the concerns below.

  • Plugged ducts can keep rooms from effectively being heated or cooled, and leaking ducts will compromise air quality by allowing dust and dirt to bypass the filtration system. Once these pollutants get into your ducts, they get blown into every room of your house. By checking the registers and ducts annually, you can head off many ductwork issues.
  • If noticeable dust or cobwebs are blowing out of registers when the system is running, you may have a partially plugged duct. If the problem cannot be solved by removing the register face and cleaning out the area directly behind it, you may need professional help.

Leaking ductwork can generally be determined by inspecting the seams and joints where most ducts tend to leak. If there is any separation, metallic foil duct tape, not cloth backed tape, can be wrapped around seams and joints to provide an effective and lasting seal. Better still, cover the seams and the joints with duct mastic for a permanent seal that you’ll never have to worry about again.

For more information on what to look for when inspecting your ducts, or to schedule a professional ductwork inspection, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors Inc., serving Monmouth County and surrounding areas.

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