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Is It Time to Replace Your Ductwork?

15 Dec
Is It Time to Replace Your Ductwork?

If dirty ducts in your home are contributing to unhealthy conditions, or if ductwork is deteriorated or so poorly designed that much of the conditioned air is escaping, it’s time to consider your options. You can do nothing, schedule repairs and/or duct cleaning, or replace ductwork. Replacing ductwork is expensive, so it’s a last resort option.

Signs of a Problem

If your heating and cooling bills seem higher than usual or have been increasing in recent years, you could have a problem with leaky or uninsulated ducts. A surprisingly high amount of energy can escape through poorly connected ductwork. Meanwhile, ducts that run through unconditioned areas, if they’re not insulated, can also waste energy.

Dirty ductwork can lead to higher energy bills. It may also endanger your health as indoor air picks up contaminants while circulating through the ducts. Dirty air can infiltrate leaky ducts running through unconditioned areas such as the attic, wall voids, garage or crawl space. Irritants and allergens then get distributed throughout the home, making symptoms miserable for vulnerable occupants.

Signs that your ducts are dirty include visible mold, dust bunnies coming out of supply registers, and evidence of insects and other vermin in ducts. Allergies that seem to be getting worse can also be indicative of dirty ducts.

What to Do About It

Contact a certified ductwork professional if you suspect the ducts are not working properly because of damage, poor design or installation, or contamination. An HVAC professional, using his or her expertise and high-tech tools, can determine whether a comprehensive duct cleaning is needed and what repairs are necessary. Your HVAC contractor will let you know if they recommend duct cleaning, minor repairs, or even replacement of the ductwork.

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