Environmentally Friendly HVAC Tools Now on the Market

Environmentally Friendly HVAC Tools Now on the Market

The past decade has seen a plethora of environmentally friendly HVAC components on the market. These products and accessories not only save energy and are friendlier to the environments, they also make your home more comfortable. Read on to explore products and tips you can use to make your HVAC system more environmentally friendly.

Check Air Filters

When you see the “Filter” light blinking on your thermostat, don’t hesitate to change it. Running a dirty air filter can cost you up to 10% more in heating and cooling costs. That’s because a dirty filter blocks free airflow. The blower motor must work much harder to pull return airflow through a dirty filter than through a new one.

Use a Zoning System

Environmentally friendly HVAC zoning systems are add-on HVAC accessories that cool and heat the different zones in your home when you need it. Why run the AC for the whole house when you are only using common areas during the evening or the bedrooms at night?

Seal Air Ducts

Is air pressure uneven in your home, making it difficult to stay comfortable? You may have duct leaks that are costing you extra energy dollars. Ask your HVAC technician to take a look at the air ducts to see if you would benefit from this environmentally friendly HVAC tool.

Get a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Wi-Fi thermostats use your home’s wireless network to give you control of your HVAC system using a smartphone app, computer, or tablet. This gives you freedom and control to save energy more easily than you would using a manual thermostat, while also boosting comfort in your home and lifestyle.

Furthermore, Wi-Fi thermostats allow you to program temperature changes and may offer geofencing, which gives your location, signaling the system to turn off or on heating and cooling according to your schedule.

Do a High-Efficiency HVAC Upgrade

Perhaps one of the most environmentally friendly HVAC tools you can use is to upgrade older HVAC equipment to new, high-efficiency systems. Today’s HVAC systems achieve much higher efficiency ratings than units made years ago.

To learn more about the environmentally friendly HVAC units and accessories available, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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